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Make your smile sparkle with dental services, including cleaning and extraction services, from our dental office in South Pasadena, Florida. Since 1984, Pasadena Dental Care has been providing general dentistry services to help you maintain the health of your teeth and gums. Contact us today at (727) 360-7063 to schedule an appointment with our dental office.


Your Source for Complete Dental Services:

• Fillings
• Extractions
• Cleanings
• Emergency Exams

• Dentures
• Root Canals
• Crown & Bridge Work

Dental Cleanings
Dental cleaning help promote good dental hygiene, which in turn helps with your medical health. Let the professionals at our dental office scale and polish your teeth to remove built-up bacteria and germs so that you can stay healthy. Fluoride and sealant services are also available with our dental cleanings.

Cleaning, Dental Office in South Pasadena, FL

Bridge & Crown Work
It doesn't matter if you are in need of cosmetic or necessary restoration for your teeth, Pasadena Dental Care can help you complete the procedure in as little as two visits. The difference between a bridge and a crown is that a bridge is permanently affixed and is usually more than 2 teeth, while a crown is just a single tooth.

Email or call us at (727) 360-7063 for more information about how dental cleanings help you stay healthy.

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